Monday, 15 February 2016

Wilbur's words: Reiki in the Sunny Chilterns

Me, Mole and Wilbur enjoying the reiki energy
I had the privilege of training with Cathy Birkinhead for my Reiki Level 1. Having felt the benefits of reiki myself, I wanted to share this with my horse, Wilbur. He's been out of sorts over the past couple of months - like me, he's not a fan of cold weather and mud - but I also wonder if there's something else going on internally, such as gastric ulcers or low grade pain. I took up Cathy's kind offer of giving Wilbur a reiki treatment, and here's how we got on.

Cathy arrived at our yard on a beautiful crisp sunny afternoon. She brought a bag of delicious apples and carrots plus a little bag of chicken bits for Mole. A good start! After some introductions in the stable, I led Wilbur into the outdoor arena. Normally when I take him in there, he fidgets, and I suspect he picks up on my tension as I get ready to ride. This time, however, he stood calmly and gave out a long deep breath. As Cathy scanned the side of his body with her hands, he moved  as if he was directing Cathy to stand by his abdomen and flank and then stood perfectly still. Cathy felt a heaviness in that area compared to elsewhere and directed her energy there for a while. During this time, I stood at Wilbur's head. Every now and again he would lick and chew, as he relaxed into the energy around him.

Cathy and Wilbur
Then, all of a sudden he started his trademark wirling of his neck and head. Round and round they went. This seems to be one of his stress responses and I think it was his way of releasing something. I didn't say anything to Cathy, but as he started this activity, Cathy felt the need to move her hands away from him in a repetitive sweeping movement, as if he was wanting to expel something from that part of his body. Then he let out another breath and stood still once more. I noticed his eyes had become softer - sometimes, over the past few weeks I've noticed facial tension indicating pain somewhere. The reiki certainly seemed to help - he and I were a lot calmer in the school the day after.

Horses are incredibly receptive to reiki energy, and I'm sure Wilbur and I will benefit from these sessions. In the meantime, I am working with my vet to make sure there isn't something going on internally. Watch this space!

Want to find out more about Cathy and how reiki can benefit you and your horse? Go to her website at Reiki In the Chilterns.

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